Margin of Victory Partners

At Margin of Victory Partners we provide direct mail, television advertising, and political consulting to conservative candidates and causes.

With more than 45 years' combined experience and a success rate of over 80%, MVP works primarily with legislative and down ballot statewide candidates.

When you sign with MVP, you'll work directly with a partner in the firm. We remain accessible to clients from the day you sign to Election Day and throughout your tenure in office.

MVP is proud to have a record of delivering services on time. We understand the critical nature of timing in political campaigns. Our mail delivers before Election Day!

MVP's goal is simple - providing you with the margin of victory.







Layne Provine

Layne Provine, 48, serves as a consultant to Republican political campaigns at the local, legislative, congressional, and statewide level. He has 28 years' experience in campaigns for public office. Provine founded his political consulting practice in 1998 and has achieved an 82% winning percentage in 321 campaigns since then. His broad experiences in campaigns run the spectrum from managing day-to-day operations of multi-county congressional campaigns to general consulting, strategy, and message development for candidates at all levels. In 2003, Provine opened Margin of Victory Partners, LLC.

Provine has produced electronic and print media and developed strategy and message for Republican candidates and conservative causes. His mail has been the focus of news reports in The Commercial Appeal, The (Jacksonville) Leader, Johnson City Press, Kingsport Times-News, Tennessee Journal, Talk Business, and TV stations in Memphis, Nashville, and the Tri-Cities. Provine's experience includes consulting and campaign management in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Provine has served as general consultant and media consultant to statewide candidates in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee. He achieved a perfect 13-0 record in contests for the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2010. Two years earlier, Provine led Tennessee House Republicans to their first majority since 1969. Although Republicans nationally suffered losses at every level, under Provine's leadership, Tennessee was one of just two states where Republicans gained control of a legislative chamber from Democrats in 2008.

Provine has four times been elected in the Republican Primary to serve on the Tennessee Republican Party's governing body, the State Executive Committee. He served on the Transition Committee of former Arkansas Lt. Governor Mark Darr, the Advisory Committee to former Shelby County Mayor Joyce Avery and as Senior Advisor to former Memphis City Council Chairman Brent Taylor. Provine is an outspoken leader for conservative Republican views and values.

Clients include U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, Arkansas State Auditor Andrea Lea, Mississippi State Auditor Stacey Pickering, North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson, Tennessee Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, North Carolina House Republican Caucus, Tennessee House Republican Caucus, Kentucky Republican Party, Mississippi Republican Party, Tennessee Republican Party, Americans for Prosperity, Senator Mike Bell, Senator Jenifer Branning, Senator Buck Clarke, Senator Dolores Gresham, Senator Brian Kelsey, Senator Chris Massey, Senator John Stevens, Senator Dave Wallace, and numerous state representatives, mayors, and judges.


Jeff Hines

Jeff Hines, 48, is a political consultant to conservative political campaigns on the local, state and congressional level. With over twelve years' experience in political campaigns and twenty years in the printing and computer technological industries, he has a unique ability to develop and communicate a candidate's message with simple, effective eloquence. Hines joined Margin of Victory Partners, LLC in 2005.

Hines, a staunch conservative, specializes in the graphic arts and technical side of campaigns. A master graphic artist by trade, he uses industry standard design programs to produce potent, persuasive mail which is then disseminated to a finely targeted constituency. Hines has vast experience analyzing data with Access, Excel, and FileMaker which allows clients to maximize effectiveness when canvassing. Hines is also adept at creating and managing email-based campaign communications and writing radio scripts.

When Hines joined Margin of Victory Partners, LLC, the goal was to give clients the best tools and advice to run successful campaigns. Says Hines, "The advantage we bring our clients is the broad spectrum of what we offer - general consulting, direct mail, television, radio, collateral printing such as yard signs and lapel stickers, data management, mapping, fundraising, and more. We have the experience of knowing what works and what doesn't."

Jeff Hines lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with his wife, Kary, and their three boys, Brandon (18), Preston (16), and Jackson (14). He attended the University of Tennessee and the University of Memphis. Hines serves as Instant Replay/Video Coordinator for the Independence High School football team in Thompson's Station, TN. He attends the Church at Station Hill.



Some of the candidates and causes we�ve helped win

  • North Carolina House Republican Caucus
  • Tennessee House Republican Caucus
  • Kentucky Republican Party
  • Mississippi Republican Party
  • Tennessee Republican Party
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • Conduit for Action
  • Independent Medicine PAC-TN
  • Middle Resolution PAC
  • Tennessee Federation for Children
  • US Senator Lamar Alexander
  • Auditor of State Andrea Lea
  • Auditor Stacey Pickering
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson
  • Speaker of the House Beth Harwell
  • Majority Leader Glen Casada
  • Senator Mike Bell
  • Senator Jenifer Branning
  • Senator Buck Clarke
  • Senator Dolores Gresham
  • Senator Brian Kelsey
  • Senator Chris Massey
  • Senator John Stevens
  • Senator Dave Wallace
  • Representative Justin Burr
  • Representative Sheila Butt
  • Representative Jim Coley
  • Representative Bruce Coleman
  • Representative Charlotte Douglas
  • Representative Bill Dunn
  • Representative Jeremy Faison
  • Representative Andrew Farmer
  • Representative Ron Gant
  • Representative Michelle Gray
  • Representative Curtis Halford
  • Representative Destin Hall
  • Representative Curtis Johnson
  • Representative Kelly Keisling
  • Representative Mary Littleton
  • Representative Judd Matheny
  • Representative Steve McDaniel
  • Representative Chuck McGrady
  • Representative Chris Millis
  • Representative Debra Moody
  • Representative Larry Pittman
  • Representative Dennis Powers
  • Representative John Ragan
  • Representative Charles Sargent
  • Representative Ron Travis
  • Representative Kevin Vaughan
  • Representative Mark White
  • Representative Cory Wilson
  • Delegate Rich Anderson
  • Delegate Chris Collins
  • Delegate Tag Greason
  • Delegate Dave Larock
  • Delegate Scott Lingamfelter
  • District Attorney Matt Stowe
  • Chancellor Carma McGee
  • Chancellor Louis Oliver
  • Judge David Bales
  • Judge JB Bennett
  • Judge Allen Couch
  • Judge David Duggan
  • Judge Jim Gallagher
  • Judge Jim Lammey
  • Judge Jimmy Russell
  • Judge Chris Turner
  • Judge Mark Ward
  • Judge Celeste Wilson
  • Sheriff Bill Rasco
  • Tax Collector Joey Treadway
  • Supervisor Lee Caldwell
  • Mayor Stan Joyner
  • Mayor Bob Rial


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  • Collierville, Tennessee 38027
  • (901) 359-7119